Thursday, June 29, 2006


There is nothing less certain than the universality of poetry, if we understand this as an artistic phenomenon that has not only touched all historical eras, but also influenced different types of man over the years. Is it possible to conceive of a decent, vigorous, and happy life without poetry? You don't have to be incendiary, profane, or visionary to answer: yes, it is. There is no need to overanalyze the subject. We must be honest and recognize that poetry doesn't cure illness or feed a child. Rather it demands we look anew at the same old clay tablet and perceive that not one, but rather many calligraphies converge upon it, and all of them human. In other words, our idea of a sacred and irrevocable art is no longer sustainable. We are not referring to "Art", we are referring to poetry as one of the many expressions of man's need to create and call this creation "Art". We are not interested in knowing why this need exists. What we are interested in knowing is whether, as things stand, poetry can be a transcendental element in the life of man. (more here...)